About movingweather.

When you're thinking about going out on the water at the weekend, one of your first thoughts will be the weather, and will it be ok? How do you go about getting a weather forecast? Generally suck it and see? Fingers crossed? Hope for the best? Or maybe you'll hunt around for a newspaper or have a surf on the internet, but one thing is certain - they never quite offer you the weather information in your area which is essential for a week's, weekend's or even a day's sailing, not forgetting your 2 week charter where you may just want to lay up or know where to find those exciting winds.

Imagine seeing what will happen on a night crossing well before you set off. Ever wondered how the superyachts aquire their weather routing data to ensure a comfortable voyage for their guests, or racing yachts can get the best worldwide weather advantage?


Welcome to movingweather, quite literally the most radical 'on demand' change to the weather forecasting business since Weatherfax and Navtex first hit the scene, along with all the books, very general SMS, and static black and white diagrams, not to mention those expensive premium rate calls you can't remember at only £1+ per minute, plus mobile rates!

movingweather  is a global service and draws its data directly from orbiting satellites, providing animated weather data from 3 hours to 7 days out, shown by way of between 5 to 30 minute intervals and is updated every six hours. Designed for all water users as well as anyone who requires constant accurate weather information. You can keep this 'packet' of data on your computer, play and re-play the animating weather, wherever and whenever you want. You can pause the 'animation' at the right time before your trip to see what the weather conditions will be like. It's that up to date, it's that easy to use, and it's 'On Demand'. 


 What's more, you can get your forecast on your laptop anywhere in the world for anywhere in the world, with minimal internet connectivity thereby keeping your mobile phone or satellite connections costs as low as possible. 

Want to see more, just click here to see our Tutorial Video which shows you how to use movingweather!


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  • I have used movingweather for a number of years and have found it very good, easy to use and displays all you need to assist in plotting your voyage. It has a good display and symbols, which make it easy to follow the weather in your area. I would recommend to all sailors.

    Andy MacSharry

    Owner of "Andreas Ahon"
  • I find the movingweather system very user friendly and a great asset in my passage planning. Many thanks for a very useful window on the weather.

    Paula Taylor of "Endless Summer"

    Owner of "Endless Summer"
  • We have used movingweather for a number of years now and wouldn't dream of planning a trip without consulting it, nor would we leave port without it installed on our trusty laptop. We have found it to be the most reliable forecast available. On the odd occasion that I have needed help with an update or query, it has been available without delay, most impressive!

    Marshall McCleery

    Owner of "Westlin"
  • I found movingweather to work very satisfactorily even using a slow Iridium link. I sailed from Antigua to Grenada and the forecasting was spot on!

    Robert Holbrook

    MD of "Admiral Marine Insurance"